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Chiropractic Clinics In Singapore For Scoliosis

Early detection and proper treatment are needed to completely cure scoliosis. When the disease is still in its infancy, it is much easier to control than when it is in its late stages. Measures to combat scoliosis, such as spinal fusion and the Milwaukee brace, have also been shown to be less effective in treating scoliosis. 

However, the Milwaukee bracket is very uncomfortable and does not correct the scoliosis curve. It only stabilizes the suffering patient. Because it limits the patient's mobility, it is considered a temporary treatment, not a permanent treatment. The first procedure, spinal fusion, is considered a last resort to treat scoliosis. 

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This is a complex operation as it involves taking the fever from other bones that can be found in the patient's body or in the donor's body. The gap is then placed between the vertebrae, which then grow like bones. However, after successful spinal fusion surgery, patients need to change their lifestyles. 

However, chiropractic care is the only form of treatment that shows the most significant improvement in the progression of scoliosis recovery. It reduces curvature in about 70% of scoliosis patients and about 15% of them are cured by chiropractic care. 

In addition, it does not cause immobilization of the patient and the treatment costs are very affordable. There are fewer risks and treatment takes less time during spinal fusion surgery or braces. Now people with scoliosis no longer need to worry about their condition, because with the help of chiropractic care the condition can at least be controlled until it can be cured somewhat.