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Common Roofing Problems For Jacksonville FL Residents

Despite the fact that they make up large portions of buildings’ exteriors, roofs are surprisingly easy ignore. As you go about your busy work and personal life, you probably don’t look at roofs very often, much less think about them. Once your roof begins to malfunction, however, it becomes the only thing on your mind. Here’s a quick look at a few of the most common jacksonville roofing problems:

Missing Shingles

Though we tend to think of a roof as one big entity, most roofs are actually a series of interconnected shingles. During high-wind storms, shingles have been known to completely blow off—particularly after enduring years of high winds. If you notice that a few shingles are missing from your home or business, you should call a professional roofing company right away.

Water Damage

Though Phoenix doesn’t receive nearly as much rainfall as other parts of the country, it’s still enough to cause serious water damage. If you neglect your roof for too long, water could seep beneath the shingles and provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew.


Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy shelter. If it’s been a while since your last roof inspection, you might notice that insects, birds, or even small mammals have taken over your roof or attic. If you run a business, an animal or insect infestation could cause some serious health concerns.


Old roofs also frequently develop cracks, through which water can easily trickle into the home. Since water often meanders through the roof system before coming out through the ceiling, it can be very difficult to locate initial cracks or holes. If your roof is several decades old, it’s generally a good idea to get it completely replaced.

A sturdy roof is perhaps the most important element of a home or business. If you’re currently experiencing any of these problems contact an affordable Jacksonville roofing contractor today.