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Facebook Messenger Bot An Easy Way to Integrate With Your Customers

If you have ever wondered about how Facebook Chatbot works, then here is how it does so. At first, it appears as if Messenger Bot is simply a simple chat application on Facebook. But the way it works actually has an AI behind it. Users are able to talk to the bot through its Web API, which allows the user to post text, audio, video, and other kinds of information. The bot then interacts with the community by delivering answers in the most natural and simple way possible.

But there is much more to Messenger Bot than just a simple chat application. In fact, it offers a complete solution for handling customer service needs using artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems. Simply put, these automated bots understand what a customer is asking and can then formulate an appropriate response in a truly human manner. As you'll find, this technology is quickly transforming the face of online customer service, advertising, and sales as we know it, and for the better. Here are the four ways Messenger Bot can change customer service.

Open Rates: Since the launch of Messenger Bot, Facebook has allowed users to set open rates based on how many friends they have signed up for Facebook messaging. For example, if you have ten thousand friends, you can set an open rate of one dollar per friend per hour. On the other hand, if you have only two hundred friends, you can set an open rate of ten cents per friend per hour. By enabling users to specify an open rate and letting them set it whenever they want to, Facebook's new feature lets you customize your Facebook Chatbot based on how many friends you have. This way, you can ensure that your bot responds to messages from potential customers in the right way, regardless of how many messages they might send daily.

Interactivity: During my test run with Messenger Bot, I made sure that the interactive features were enabled. The default setting for Messenger Bot is its " Botswana" setting which allows users to create a simple graphical greeting without having to use any visual recognition software. By simply clicking on "Greet", a bot will now start its interactive experience. Users can choose from different graphics such as text, icons, menus, buttons, and drop-down menus, all of which can be customized according to the preferences of the user.

AI: In addition to the default settings, Messenger Bot also allows its users to adjust their intelligence. Through the default settings and customizations, I was able to increase the rate of " Ai Talk" and decrease the rate of " Ai Stop". While still running on the test version of Messenger Bot, I was able to send a hundred messages or more during a single day, and it did not crash at all. In fact, it seemed to be working perfectly normally even without my intervention.

Advanced Customization: It is one thing to customize your Facebook Messenger Bot, but making it look so nice is another. Through the many settings and options available, I was able to change a lot of things such as the font style, icon theme, background color scheme, fonts, and the color of the text boxes. In addition to that, the bot has an extensive collection of skins which I was even able to change the colors of. There is an easy way to access these customization options if you are interested, and I will talk about that in another blog post.

AI: It has the ability to do a lot of tasks, and in my opinion, Messenger Bot is capable of performing these tasks very well. For example, it is capable of searching through thousands of conversations to find the ones relevant to the user. It can then categorize these conversations into several topics and sub-topics, which it can automatically organize into replies. Aside from that, it can even suggest the users answer some of their questions through a video or image. These features are just some of the AI features of the Facebook Messenger Bot which allows it to perform better than a customer service representative ever could.

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