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How To Get Success In Chemistry

The chances of meeting someone like that at your university, let alone in your chemistry class, are very slim. However, there are some student A in your class who are sitting next to you. Your conclusion should be that you don't have to be born talented or smart to be successful in chemistry. You can also be like them by simply taking O level chemistry tuition from Singapore.

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You have what you need.

Everyone, including you, has a great ability to learn new things. Contrary to what you may have heard thus far, you were not born with a particular intelligence. There is debate about what intelligence means.

Teachers and sociologists have recognized that there are many types of intelligence. What these experts don't know for sure is what IQ tests actually measure.

You can be sure that the IQ you have has nothing to do with your future success. Research shows that intelligence helps, but only helps to a certain extent. From a certain point onwards, at least statistically, there was no correlation between higher IQ scores and better scores.

What makes better students better? Or so, until you want to know what makes you better. The biggest difference between student A and other students is that they have a learning system. It took a little longer to set up.

The more time they give in this organized way means they will have to pay less time studying later. Despite the feeling that most students feel they should spend time doing "the things that matter", their lack of organization does not mean a waste of time.