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Manufacturing Process Of Rubber Sheets

Manufacturing is a process by which raw materials are transferred to the final product. The manufacturing process starts with product design and material specifications from which the product is made. The process of making rubber sheets is also one of them.

Usually, there are two types of rubber available: natural and synthetic rubber which are generally used in the industry and also in the commercial industry.

Natural rubber sheets come from rubber trees after milk processing milk type licking from rubber trees. On the other hand, synthetic rubber sheets are petroleum-based products, which are produced using content originating from crude oil & by adding certain chemicals through industrial applications.

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In addition, there are many chemicals involved in rubber processing such as sulfur, zinc oxide, TMT, Titanium, and MBTS. Minerals such as calcium carbonate, and carbon.

There are synthetic rubber varieties available on the market such as chloroPrene, silicon, EPDM, fluoro-elastomer, nitrile, Hypalon, and butyl; all of these values ​​are different in terms of applications & specifications there.

Other major rubber products are industrial rubber sheets, this is used in various applications such as gaskets, packing, electrical insulation & woven needs. In modern days, rubber sheets are produced using a mixture of natural & synthetic rubber & available in various colors such as green, red, blue, green, black but for black industrial use it is preferred.