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Some Of The Combined Managed IT Skills For Business Intelligence

When designing bi-infrastructure, several known steps must be followed:

o Prioritizing operational monitoring processes in relation to their implementation.

o Development of a road map for phased implementation.

o Analysis of company needs for SMEs

o Evaluation of data sources and organizational preparation.

o Translation of commercial requirements for conceptual data modeling.

o Determine the analytical application to be applied.

o Decisions about treatment models.

If all or part of the effort or part of it is insufficient or subcontracted this has a direct impact on the required internal knowledge and skills and the level of control of the company.

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Strategic knowledge, how and skills should not be outsourced as it can develop into a significant competitive advantage for the company.

When all the work is left to a consortium of consumer integrators, the company runs the risk of losing control and working on sub-optimal infrastructure, engineering, or architectural solutions.

Many organizations fail to determine how many design steps and what individual design skills are required before implementation begins.

A consultant who specializes in designing and / or modeling data warehouse dimensions is often not sufficiently qualified to analyze business requirements and identify the analytical applications to apply.

As a result, he or she may not be able to identify the necessary information or facts.

On the other hand, database marketers are often unable to evaluate the BI infrastructure architecture and data model suitable for identified analytical applications.