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Sterling Jewelry And Its Facts

Silver jewelry nowadays is used as a fashion statement for individuals. Then it is properly worn around the neck, as a necklace, on the wrist, as a bracelet, on the fingers, as a ring, on the earlobe, as an earring, or even on the head, as a crown. 

But in today's culture jewelry is not only worn in the places mentioned above but also on other body parts like the nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, or even vital body parts. In the original scenario, the wearing of such jewelry can be traced back to local tribes. To get more details about sterling jewelry, you may check it here.

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Jewelry is not only worn as a fashion statement, as is the case with most people, but also worn by some as part of their beliefs and culture, and by others as a talisman that gives them protection and strength. Kings and nobles also wore a lot of jewelry as a sign of their status. 

Crowns and bracelets, worn by many great men in the past, were also considered jewelry. Jewelry is made of different materials consisting of various metals and stones as well as precious stones. 

Pure silver was often used in the past to make candle holders, bowls, tableware, and the like, it is only in the second half of the current generation that pure silver is used as ornament or jewelry.