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The Meaning Of The Blood Test Result

Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)

The Comprehensive Immune System, also called CMP is an inexpensive blood test that provides you with essential info. Why is this significant? Typically most people haven't been able to know what the simple laboratory tests imply. You can search online for the complete metabolic panel fasting at

The Comprehensive Immune System is vital since it provides a summary of just what and how the body is working. Knowing only the fundamentals of your own blood tests are going to help you in your healthcare program. 

SAMAA - 7 things no doctor tells you about blood tests

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Glucose- To establish whether your blood sugar level is within healthy ranges; to screen for, diagnose, and monitor diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) – This increases the quantity of nitrogen in your blood that comes from the waste product urea. This can be created if the protein is broken down into your body.

Creatinine- To establish whether your kidneys are working normally and to track treatment for a kidney disorder. 

Sodium- To ascertain if your sodium concentration is within normal limits and also to help assess electrolyte balance and kidney function.

Potassium- To ascertain if your potassium concentration is within normal limits and also to help assess an electrolyte imbalance. It's crucial for the normal functioning of both nerves, heart, and nerves.

Carbon Dioxide- Carbon dioxide is a gaseous waste product that gets from metabolism. 

Vitamin – To decide whether the amount of calcium in your bloodstream is at normal levels. 

Complete Protein- To ascertain your nutrient status or to monitor for specific liver and liver ailments in addition to some other ailments.