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Things To Know About Learning Quran

There are two chief regions of recitation Quran you want to be concerned with: precision and speed. Accuracy should perpetually come first because there's no limit in reading words inaccurately, even if you're quick.

In actuality, creating a habit of ignoring mistakes for the sake of speed can make it more difficult to fix such inaccuracies in the future. You can study Quran through

How to improve the precision

Truth begins with a great Madrasah teacher. In the first stage, always pick a proficient teacher that pronounces nicely and gives helpful comments. To best support, your kid around courses, take some opportunity to confirm your pronunciation as well as theirs.

Are you convinced that you're reciting accurately yourself? Listen to expert reciters of the Quran together. Look out for common, fundamental mistakes and make sure they are adjusted continuously.

How to improve the rate

Practice. Practice. Practice. Speed comes with routine practice so work with your child to recite frequently, even if you keep the sessions very short. Do not attempt to do too much at once and concentrate instead on their mastering a line or phrase at a time.

You can create a match of it and time your little one. What is measured improves and supports the child see their advancement for themselves. Do be careful, however, that by focusing on the rate that you don't permit errors to creep back in the recital.

Overall, to enhance both precision and speed you need to allocate more time to study. Nothing great is achieved without great effort. The longer you can spend with your child to help them with their practice at home, and the more you can support and promote them, the better your advancement will be.