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What Do You Know About Fused Glass Stringers Handicrafts

Here are some great ideas for arts and crafts made of fused glass. In addition to being a challenging material to work with, the fused glass project has led to a crush full of creative artists, and also very beautiful, with textures ranging from high fire glazes opacity with the water clarity.

There are various tools & supplies for glass fusing like stringers which can be used to create a wonderful piece of art glass.

COE90 Etched Iridescent

Saw pin made of the glass is not difficult to make, but they require a technique using glass to the plate saws a piece of glass. Fused glass pins and pendants can also be formed by inclusions and there are many items that can be sealed in fused glass pieces of artwork.

Inclusion can add unique details for each project fusing glass. The idea of another pendant is a miniature ceramic photo frame designed to hold a small photo selection wearer. This makes jewelry pieces are unique and appreciated gift.

Picture frame pendant need not square or rectangular, you can let your imagination fly. Bracelet made of fused glass stringers formed around the ceramic cylinder can be a bit intimidating to make at first because the technique requires work quickly in a hot oven.

Pocket vase can be made of fused glass shaped mold around fiberboard or fiber paper. Fiberboards are more difficult to remove from the finished glass pieces than fiber paper. It also requires extra time and careful monitoring of the kiln temperature and time to achieve the desired look.