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What Winter Bicycle Clothing Do I Need

Cycling during the months of winter usually involves exposure to wind, rain, and freezing temperatures, so it is a good idea to give some serious thought to what bike clothing in winter you have to wear before you decide to head outdoors for a spin around the local or forest roads.

Winter bike clothing (also known as sykkelklr in Norwegian) in many cases means throwing on a layer less than usual, but there are some specific items of winter clothing for cycling that worth investing in.

What winter bicycle clothing do I need?

Thermal Tights – tights cycling is a brilliant invention and once you've tried them you will never look back. cycling tights suitable for any cold day out on the bike, but when the weather is really cold, try the thermal cycling tights.

Bibbed Tights – cycling bib tights with additional sections to cover the lower back and abdomen by means of a shoulder strap. They do not look very elegant, and a nightmare to navigate if you need the toilet urgently stop while on your bike, but they go a long way toward keeping you warm in the winter rides.

High visibility waterproof cycling jacket – as well as lots of wet and windy weather, winter cycling is also notable for poor light conditions during the day. If you are cycling in the streets, make yourself as visible as possible by wearing reflective clothing. Choose water and windproof breathable fabric to keep you comfortable and dry.

Waterproof cycling trousers – if the weather is wet, windy, or both, the last thing you need is a cold, wet foot. Keeping your feet warm and dry in waterproof cycling shorts, but try to buy good quality pants with breathable fabrics or you will end up bathed sweat-not good and likely to leave you with a nasty cold.