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Countless Uses of Brown Camphor Oil

Brown Camphor oil is extracted through the traditional methods from the tree Laurus Camphora. It is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 100 feet and it has a shelf life of 1200 years. The tree that is used for the oil extraction process must be at least 50 years old. It is native to Asian countries China, Japan, and Taiwan, and is now widely cultivated in other countries of the world.

Camphor tree is popular for radiating the chemicals from its leaves and roots that kill the worm, bio-organisms, and other aquatic organisms. In ancient times brown camphor oil was widely used to treat plague and other similar diseases. Today, due to its amazing effect on skin it is widely used in the formulation of skin-related creams and gels. You can pop over here if you want to buy camphor oil.

Properties of brown camphor oil

It is a thin liquid with a spicy, clean, herbal, and fresh aroma. Generally, this oil blends very well with the other essential oil and particularly blends well with the base oil and cajuput oil. It contains more than 80% safrole that is highly toxic and should not be applied directly to the body.

However, some brown camphor oil buyer just buys this oil to extract safrole from it that can be easily separated from the oil and can be used as base ingredients in the manufacturing of many different perfumes. Some of the major therapeutic properties of this oil are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, and hypertensive.

Use of brown camphor oil in the manufacturing of medicines and other products

This oil has numbing effects on the skin due to which it is widely used in the production of various creams and gels that is used to control pain. Due to its amazing insect repellent properties, this oil has also been used in the manufacturing of various insect repellent products. Moreover, this oil is equally used in the manufacturing of floor cleansing solutions for its insect and bacteria-killing properties.