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Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom: Everything You Need to Know

Magic mushroom known as the golden teacher: everything you need to know. Magic teacher or golden mushroom are spiritual classic that has existed for centuries. Shiny yellow-gold hat and wise teachings give this mushroom the original name.

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With this magic mushroom growth kit from the Psilocybe cube, you can expect medium to large mushrooms with wide covers that are ideal for printing spores.

The magic mushroom variety from the Golden teacher has been a favorite among cultivators and psychotic people for years. Cultivators like the Golden teacher argument because they are great. And psychonauts like them because the psychedelic journey of these fungi is known to have profound effects.

The magic mushroom strain from Golden Teacher is Psilocyb Kubensis, a type of psychedelic mushroom, the main active ingredients of which are psilocybin and psilocin.

The Cubensis species is the most famous psilocybin mushroom because it is widely used and easy to grow with a magic mushroom growth kit.

The first flush of the GT will usually give you a medium-sized magic mushroom, and the later waves will definitely be bigger and thicker. The lid has a diameter of about 5 cm and is quite flat after the biggest growth.

These gold masters are not as fertile as the other Psilocybe cubensis, but because they grow under conditions that are not ideal, this really compensates for what makes them a favorite among native breeders.