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Steel Buildings: Their Benefits and Uses

Steel buildings have actually been around for more than 60 years. However, their popularity began to grow tremendously in the last decade. Compared to the traditional stick-built construction, the prices of metal buildings are more economical. Also, it is designed specifically to be established more quickly than a traditional building.

One will be able to save more money by having a steel structure as various parts of it are often pre-built at the factory. This is the reason why the steel building is referred to as a pre-engineered or pre-fabricated metal building. Since the prefabricated steel buildings are built in a factory, a fabricator can pass on saving money by avoiding the weather delay, buy their materials in bulk, and increase efficiency. You can find more information on steel framing and components on QuickFrames USA.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

A steel building is one of the strongest building materials to ensure the stability of the structure. Metal framing also includes flexibility, you can bend over without worrying for it to break or crack. This is a big advantage for this type of building because it can easily flex when being pushed to a side by strong winds or even earthquakes.

Use of Metal Frame Buildings

The steel frame structure is commonly used in:

– Temporary structures as they are quick to set up and removed.

– Warehouse buildings and industrial buildings because they can create a large span space without spending too much.

– Residential buildings because steel frame structures used techniques called light gauge metal construction.

– High-rise buildings because the steel frame building is strong, lightweight, and can be erected quickly.